Russian Tank Constructed In China For Theme Park In Mongolia

While some call it a copy of the Russian T62, others note that it appears more likely that the maker of this monster saw a Panzer II tank and copied it complete with an M2 Browning .50 caliber machine gun on a completely new looking turret. Regardless, this is a gigantic war tank created by a civilian by the name of Hao JinXi whose private manufacturing enterprise specializes in the production of a certain single type of tourist train. Why on earth he decided to drop 800,000 Japanese yuans (something like $9,400 USD) on a completely newly manufactured version of an out-of-use tank is quite simple.

Hao and 10 of his best friends took on the project and had to refine this vehicle more than 20 times over the course of 7 months. The tank can drive just fine and is able to fire its main cannon – though the power behind this version of the tank releases shot no more harmful than a flash of fireworks. Inside the vehicle are controls which are completely newly created, these controls the creators note are easier to learn than a modern car and the complete understanding of which will take an average adult less than 3 minutes to understand.

And why on earth would Hao and his buddies create such a magnificent piece of automotive awesomeness? For entertainment, of course! This "knockoff" tank and 30 more will be prepared for a theme park that will be located in inner Mongolia. What a gas!

Have a look at each of the videos below and note how the tank appears to be working just fine. Note also how joyous the creators of the tank seem and ask yourself – would such a manufacturing of tanks be allowed here in the USA? Furthermore, what kind of awesome theme park is this going to be with drive-ready tanks able to shoot off fireworks?

[via MicGadget]