Russian dashcams catch another explosion in the sky

Russia is well-known for the number of dashcams around to catch all varieties of interesting things, and thanks to those cameras we've seen quite a few explosions in the sky. This past April, some cameras caught another meteor on video, this one having happened in the nation's Murmansk region. That wasn't the last of the night-time light show however, and just recently another explosion has happened — this one exceptionally bright and long-lasting — and it was caught on camera in the Sverdlovsk region. We've got a couple different videos of it after the jump.

It seems the explosion happened this past Friday, with videos popping up online over the weekend. The first video below arguably shows the event best, revealing some pulsing orange lights before it grows to a massive level, then disappears shortly after.

That's not the only camera that captured it, however, with some dashcams and others also getting it on video. The question now is whether it was another meteor or something else entirely. It doesn't seem any official explanations are forthcoming at this point, though we'll no doubt be hearing more about it in the coming days.

No reports of any injuries or damage have happened, which is fortunate considering the damage caused by one meteor's shockwave. As always, we'll keep you updated once more news surfaces, but until then let the speculation flow: Another meteor? Weather phenomena? Aliens? Check out the timeline below for related news.

SOURCE: Inquisitr