Russian AI development could mean machines that understand emotion

Russian scientists are reportedly approaching a significant breakthrough in the realm of artificial intelligence. The scientists claim to be approaching a major development that would create machines that are capable of understanding human emotions. The claim comes from the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI Cybernetics Department Prof. Alexi Samsonovich.

The claims were made by the scientist at the 2016 Annual International conference on biologically inspired cognitive Architectures in New York City. "We are on the verge of a major breakthrough that was discussed since the fifties of the previous century," Samsonovich said on Tuesday.

The scientist says that the breakthrough has to do with the creation of machines capable of freethinking and capable of feeling and understanding human emotions. Samsonovich also says that the machines can understand narratives and think in those narratives and are capable of learning on their own.

"Those are the three key capabilities in my view that will determine the breakthrough," Samsonovich said. He expects progress to be made over the next "several years." Samsonovich wants more funding from the Russian government to continue his research.

"I agree and believe that actually we need more of this funding because this research determines the future and all arrays of human life. Everything depends on the future of artificial intelligence, therefore the money spent on it today will never be lost," Samsonovich noted. The thought of learning machines capable of feeling human emotions may disturb some people. This is how you get Terminators. Do you want Terminators?

SOURCE: Sputnik News