Russia will rework technology developed for the ISS for its space station

Russia has been making comments recently about the condition of the ISS, which has been in orbit for many years. Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov has gone so far as to say that the condition of the ISS "left much to be desired." Recently, Russia announced that it will transform its research and power unit development originally for the ISS into a module for its new national orbital space station.

Roscosmos chief Dmitry Rogozin said that the agency plans to start with the groundwork it has already laid. Work done on the research and power module will be reworked for Russia's new space station. The research and power unit will be the basic module for Russia's new orbital station, where greater autonomous operation will be required.

With greater autonomous operation required in Russia's new space station, it will be incomparable with the modules use aboard the ISS. Russia has previously confirmed that Energia Space Rocket Corporation has been tasked with making the first basic module for the orbital station. Current plans are for the first module to be ready in 2025.

Previously, the research and power unit was planned to be sent to the ISS in 2024. The module is currently under construction. Currently, Russia says that it might quit the ISS program in 2025. Russia says that in order to avoid any accidents, it was necessary to carry out a complete technical inspection of the ISS.

It's unclear at this time what, if any, challenges Russia's decision to trend is in a module meant for the ISS to use in its space station will impose on the ISS. Certainly, space station partners were counting on Russia's module to keep the ISS functional.