Russia to Apple, SAP: give us source code to prove there's no spying

In a bid against spying, Russia has tossed out the idea that Apple and SAP should fork over their source code to relevant government agencies, which would prove their products aren't facilitating spying. The proposal was made known to both companies last week via the nation's Communication Minister Nikolai Nikiforov.

Nikiforov is said to have met both Apple's general manager in Russia and SAP's managing director — the reasoning behind the request was released recently in a statement by the Communications Ministry. Security, consumer rights to privacy, and protecting the data of corporate users were all cited.

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Said Nikiforov, "Obviously, companies which disclose the source code of their programs are not hiding anything, but those who do not intend to establish cooperation with Russia on this issue may have undeclared capabilities in their products."

Both the US's statements this year concerning Russian surveillance and Snowden's revelations made last year are both said to be contributing factors to the request. If companies reject the proposal, the use of their products by government agencies may be revoked.

Neither Apple nor SAP have responded.

SOURCE: Reuters