Rush Electronic RK186-1 is a dollar short and a day late

Alright, maybe they are more than a day late since its been a while since AT&T announced it was buying Cingular. Yet here it is, in front of your very own eyes, a flash-based MP3 player that looks a lot like the second gen Nanos but with a Cingular logo interface.

How crappy of a product do you have to have in order for the amount of storage space to not be listed? You even have to order a minimum of a thousand of them to buy them. They do have a 1.8" LCD, support for MP3, WMA, AVI, JPEG, LRC, and TXT formats.

It also comes with software to convert other video formats to AVI there is also a digital voice recorder. It has a built in speaker as well as a USB 2.0 interface that will allow you to use the device as standard flash storage. No word on price, other than that you have to order at least a thousand of them, but I would assume the availability to be now, why you would want one of these I don't know though.

China PMP Bases Design on Company Logo [via pmptoday]