Rupert Murdoch's The Daily iPad newspaper to launch in next 14 days

Rupert Murdoch is the man that owns a publishing empire and thinks that we should all pay for every bit of news we read online. Murdoch has been working on a newspaper for the iPad called The Daily for a while that has hit a few snags coming to market. The Daily was originally expected on January 19 and was delayed due to some sort of issue with the iPad subscription payment API.

Reuters reports that The Daily is set to hit the iPad in the next two weeks. The app will cost readers 99 cents per week and will be a digital only publication. The pricing information came from James Murdoch. He said, "It should be launching in the next two weeks, I hope."

Murdoch is the only publisher that has had any success in getting readers to pay for online news so far, The Wall Street Journal went pay a long time back and has done surprisingly well. Murdoch says that subscriber numbers will be released in about six weeks.