Runtastic's new Sleep Better app tracks your tossing and turning

Part of your overall healthy lifestyle is getting the right amount of rest, but do you know if you are getting it? More to the point, are you getting good sleep? There are wearables that can help you decipher the deep-sleep code, but that might not be your style (literally). If you're more of a smartphone-centric user, Runtastic just released an app that aims to offer up better details of your sleep patterns and habits while your head in on the pillow.

The app works much like any other sleep tracker, offering up details on light, heavy, or non-sleep patterns during the night. There's even a "dream diary" you can take advantage of, which lets you track pleasant and not-so-pleasant dreams; a forgotten aspect of sleep and well-being, no doubt.

The app lets you view your sleep patterns from the previous night, but takes it a step further with long-term retrospective and prospective sleep monitoring. If you're not getting enough shut-eye, you can see what habits may need to change. You can also note your moods as you wake up, which can also indicate whether or not you're getting enough sleep.

Best of all, the app works by sitting under or next to your pillow, so those of us who don't enjoy wearables don't need to have one. Runtastic's Sleep Better app also operates in Airplane Mode, and syncs fully with HealthKit. Sleep Better also has a smart alarm clock, which wakes you up at the optimal time in a preset timeframe of your choosing.

Source: iTunes, Google Play