Runtastic 5.0 offers more customization and hydration recommendations

Runtastic has announced its latest app today called Runtastic 5.0. The new app is aimed at fitness fans and promises to help you get in shape and stay healthy. Runtastic 5.0 has a new and modern design that promises a more engaging running experience using the app.

Upgrades allow the app to run consistently on multiple platforms and to use each operating systems unique characteristics and functions. One of the key upgrades in the new version of the app is a hydration feature. This feature looks at the user's stats, activity details, and local weather to recommend post activity hydration.

People that are highly active have to keep an eye on hydration to keep from becoming dehydrated and having potential health issues because of it. Runtastic training plans are now available on Android devices for the first time.

Those training plans can be purchase within the app or on the company website. Some features previously offered on the Pro version of the app only are now available for all including the Music Player and Live Tracking & Cheering. Those features are now free. The app will be available to download today.

SOURCE: Runtastic