RunKeeper tasks Spotify to pump you up for your run

Perhaps there is no greater cliche when it comes to mixing music and exercise than having Eye of the Tiger blaring out while you do your training. While you've always been able to do that in a myriad of ways and combinations, RunKeeper is now giving you the lazy way (which is ironic, since you're supposed to be not-lazy for this scenario). The latest update to its iOS app now integrates with Spotify, allowing you to queue your workout music, without having to switch apps back and forth.

Sure, you're already able to do that by yourself by switching to the appropriate app, especially if you don't give a care for using Spotify. But let's face it, there's really some appeal to having to do all related activities inside a single space. It keeps your momentum from being broken and compartmentalizes your activity in your head. Perhaps you use the separate Spotify app to get in the mood for work and RunKeeper sends a signal to your brain for workout. Now you won't have to switch contexts just to have your favorite running tracks running.

But that's just the beginning. RunKeeper is keeping its doors and mind open for integration that goes beyond simply playing music. Perhaps RunKeeper data can be used to suggest which would be the best tunes to play during certain stages of running, with more upbeat songs fueling high points while calmer tempos can be used for cooling down. RunKeeper isn't saying much yet except to watch this space.

Do note that the integration is only available for premium Spotify users and only on iOS. You also need to have the Spotify app installed and you'll have to connect the two from the RunKeeper app itself.

SOURCE: RunKeeper