Runcible is a classy wooden smart pocket watch

Pulling your smartphone out of your pocket, clicking the screen on to check the time, and then tucking it back away is entirely lacking the classy feel that comes from doing the same with a pocket watch. There are smartwatches to check the time, as well, but soon enough there will be a third choice: the Runcible, a wooden pocket watch with a smartphone's (or, perhaps, smartwatch's?) innards. At quick glance it looks like an ordinary pocket watch, but upon closer look there's a camera poking out the back and quite a bit more hidden inside.

Runcible is the brainchild of startup Monohm, and it'll be officially debuting its new smart device some time next week. Unlike a smartphone or just about any smart wearable, the Runcible is round — round like the Moto 360, but entirely different in form. It's not meant to be worn on your wrist; it instead rests nicely in the palm of your hand.

Runcible isn't exactly a pocket watch, in the sense that it's not attached to your belt via a chain. A pocket watch is perhaps the best way to describe it, however. All the trimmings of a smartphone are included, including a camera, the ability to send texts and make calls, and even access the Internet. The differences between it and a smartphone stop there, though — you can't run apps on it, and your home screen is a watch face. That's not surprising considering it is essentially a fancy smartwatch, but it won't be a phone substitution for most people.

The design is attractive, particularly for those who like the convenience of a smart device, but don't want to have to wear a smartwatch and want something smaller and less intrusive than a smartphone. Whether it'll find favor outside of the hipster crowd is yet to be seen, but regardless it certainly is worth keeping an eye on.