Rumors Abound Regarding The Next Possible Computing Product From Apple

So, there have been rumors going around, all of which purported to come from reputable sources, all of them pointing to some sort of an ultra portable. From the sounds of combining all the rumors, it will be about 12-13 inches in size, and a bit thinner than the current MacBook, and it will have a NAND flash drive instead of an HDD and possibly no optical drive.

Here's the breakdown, MacScoop said a long time ago that it would be a 12" ultra-thin notebook with a dual-core processor and an optical drive and would retail for $1700-$1800; AppleInsider said it would be a 13" aluminum notebook that was 50% lighter (than a MacBook I presume), thinner, and sporting both NAND Flash (sans HDD and optical drive) and LED backlighting. CNBC says it will be 12-inches, 50% thinner, and NAND flash only and will cost $1500, meanwhile the last people to weigh in on the matter, 9to5Mac, say more or less the same thing as everybody else, adding that there is something weird about the touchpad.

Personally, I could care less about an Apple ultra-portable, the MacBook is close enough to the spec, and I want to see a Mac Tablet. That's what would make my day is a Mac Tablet using SSD storage, a dual core processor, LED backlighting for the screen, and a similar screen/gesture system as the iPod Touch and iPhone, that right there would make my day. But regardless of what I want, we'll hopefully see something come MacWorld 08.

Apple Ultra-Portable MacBook Rumor Roundup [via macrumors]