Rumor - Xbox 360 price cut comping to Europe

If you're living in Europe and considering the purchase of an Xbox 360, I strongly advise against it, at least for now. No, there aren't any major issues that you should be warned about (PS3 fanboys need not chime in about RRoD issues, we already know) but rather there is rumor of a price cut on the horizon.

If rumors are to be believed, then come March 14 all Xbox 360 SKUs will be cut €50. What is especially interesting is that this would actually put the Arcade SKU as being cheaper than the Wii.

Naturally with price cuts come the question of what new SKU Microsoft has up their sleeve. Perhaps they're going to add a larger hard drive to the mix? I can pretty much guarantee that it won't feature an integrated HD DVD drive.

[via Techradar]