Rumor: Xbox 360 might get HD-DVD drive, somehow

James Allan Brady - Oct 19, 2007

Alright, so not too long ago I reported on a potential new SKU, the Xbox 360 Ultimate which was supposedly going to be the Elite, but with an integrated HD-DVD drive. That, so far hasn’t happened, but this new announcement could give way to just that.

Or, they could just bundle the current separate HD-DVD drive with an Xbox 360 Elite since they probably have a ton of HD-DVD drives just sitting around. Although the drives have been selling like crazy thanks to all the rebates, price cuts, and other deals.

Other additions that came with this rumor, that sound extremely outrageous are a larger hard drive (more than 120GB? I haven’t even used the 20 that came with mine), dual HDTV tuners, an MP3 player docking port (where? The dual orientation capabilities of the 360 would prevent this no?), and a quieter system (this one might actually happen). No idea how much that bundle would cost, but it would definitely bump HD-DVD sales in the same cheatorous way that Sony did with Blu-Ray, and it would make for an Xbox that’s more suitable for IPTV or DVR functionality, which we could theoretically see any day now.

Rumor: Xbox 360 Upgrade Coming With Bundled HD DVD and Larger Hard Drive [via Gizmodo]

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