Rumor: Vodafone getting exclusive on 3G UMTS iPhone

So some Italian site ( is claiming that Vodafone is getting the new 3G iPhone exclusively in all its coverage areas. Furthermore they claim that said iPhone won't be announced until after the holiday season so as not to affect holiday sales of the current iPhone.

They are claiming that they have received the info from "highly reliable sources", what kind of "highly reliable sources" is close enough to Apple, but far enough away to go to an Italian blog first? Whatever, we all know a 3G iPhone is due sometime next year, and I personally would be disappointed if it was UMTS and not EV-DO or HSDPA, or even better yet HSDPA/HSUPA.

Apparently Vodafone and T-Mobile are also going to work out their differences sans lawsuit too. Oh, and this release also wouldn't violate distribution agreements with the Jesus-Phone's current carriers as those agreements apparently only cover the EDGE/GPRS versions of the iPhone.

Vodafone Gets Exclusive On UMTS iPhone 3G Next Spring Maybe [via unwiredview]