Rumor - TiVo Lite to be released

Those of you looking for a cheaper TiVo might just be in luck. That is, if the rumor mill can be trusted. According to the latest rumors, a new slimmed-down "TiVo Lite" could be in the works.

The Lite would feature a 160GB drive, rather than the larger 250GB seen in the Series 3, as well as other minor differences like no OLED front display, no THX certification and just a plain old TiVo remote. The biggest change will be in the TV tuner department. With the inclusion of just one tuner, you'll be stuck watching whatever is recording.

The price is certainly tempting, at just $300 it is far cheaper that the current Series 3 by 500 bucks. Sadly, I think that the single TV tuner will turn customers off to this smaller box. With the high price of the Series 3 and the recent decision surrounding CableCards, I wouldn't be surprised if we see more people turn to other alternative systems.

TiVo Series 3 "Lite" on its way? [via crave]