Rumor – Three from Def Leppard to appear in Guitar Hero IV

Chris Scott Barr - Mar 28, 2008

Have you grown tired of Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock yet? Perhaps the thought of playing GH: Aerosmith and On Tour just isn’t enough to keep you satisfied. If that’s the case, we might just have some information on Guitar Hero IV for you.

Yes, there is already talk about the fourth incremental installment of the franchise. I’m almost feeling overloaded with information about all of the new Guitar Hero news. Almost. While this is still only a rumor, we’re hearing a lot of reports that Def Leppard will have at least 3 songs featured in the upcoming title. The songs are “Photograph,” “Animal” and “Rock of Ages.”

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Give me plenty of classic rock and I’ll be a happy gamer. Even though we’ve still got a while to wait for this particular game, it’s already looking good.

[via GuitarHeroNews]

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