Rumor: Sprint Nextel firing CEO by year end

Think you can help Sprint make some more dough and raise their market share? Well boy do we have the job opportunity of a lifetime for you; you see Sprint is looking to have a changing of the guard if you will.

It's only a rumor because the people over at Sprint won't say a thing pertaining to this story, but it was initially run by the WSJ so I am taking it as solid gold and the chiseler just hasn't made it to the rock yet. The word is that chairman and CEO Gary Forsee will be taking an early retirement with the board reportedly citing slumping market share and stock values as compared to AT&T and Verizon Wireless.

I have no idea what VZW has over Sprint that would cause their stock or market share to be higher, other than some slightly more fashionable handsets. AT&T's higher rankings could probably largely be attributed to that cute little Jesus-Phone of which they sold over a million of in 74 days time.

Then again it could not be attributed to that, but in my own experience Sprint has the best data and calling network that I have used, my father's employer, Roger's Electric, uses Nextel services and phones exclusively (save for the executives crackberries), and Sprint is releasing some nice handsets later this year and just announced their co-opted WiMax network, so I really can't see why they are slumping. That's probably why they are looking for someone else who can at least better explain why they are losing their hold.

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