Rumor – Sony to release a slim PSThree this Fall

Chris Scott Barr - Feb 4, 2008

So the rumors about a new PS3 with a bigger hard drive have been making the rounds lately. Namely they talk about a SKU that includes either a 120GB or 160GB hard drive and Dual Shock 3 controllers. However, the rumors have taken a turn, now claiming that we’ll see a completely redesigned “slim” console.

Naturally, the rumor comes from an unnamed insider at the company who says the redesigned PS3 (or PSThree if you will) will be “slimmer, lighter weight, and sexy as hell.” When you stop to think about Sony’s gaming history, it’s only natural that they would try to slim down their latest flagship. The original PlayStation and PS2 became the PSOne and PSTwo, and even the PSP was treated to a weight-loss program.

T3 did an awesome job with their mockup of the purported PSThree. If rumors are to be believed we should see something that may or may not look similar this Fall.

[via T3]

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