Rumor says Blu-ray was pulled from iMac line just before production last month

Love or hate Apple, we can all agree that the company has been at the forefront of design for computers for a long time. Back before every computer marker around was producing all-in-one machines; Apple had its line of iMac computers. There were rumors going around that the new line of iMac computers would have Blu-ray players. In a case of a rumor spawned by a rumor, we hear today that Blu-ray was pulled from the new iMac line shortly before the machines went into production last month.AppleInsider figures that the Blu-ray drives would have been expensive options only available on custom ordered machines anyway, but there are sure to be those out there wanting Blu-ray on their iMac. The new iMac rumors also point to the possibility of the line getting new and fast Intel Core i7 CPUs.

The rumor has the machines getting a Core i7 Clarksfield quad-core mobile processor as an option. If this rumor pans out, that would make the iMac the first consumer oriented Macs with four processing cores. The mobile quad-core i7 parts are available in speeds of 1.6GHz to 2GHz.