Rumor - Partial nudity delays Halo 2 for Vista

I've not really a huge Halo fan. I'm sure that statement will get me an inbox full of hate mail, but it's true. I won't deny that it's a great series. I used to play the original back in the day with my friends, and it was fun for a while but I've moved on. Perhaps Halo 3 will hook me again. But the big story today is Halo 2 for Vista. It's been delayed, and the rumor is that the delay was caused by "partial nudity."

Now I'll tell you up front that I'm highly skeptical that this is the reason it was delayed. According to Next-Gen they received an email from Microsoft claiming that an "error" causing partial nudity was discovered and that they have developed a patch to remove it. No offense to Next-Gen, but don't you think that Microsoft would have sent out similar emails to other big gaming sites like Kotaku and Joystiq? Also, from what I know about character modeling, they aren't going to render any more details than are absolutely necessary, so I can't see them taking the time to make characters anatomically correct underneath their armor.

So the rumor may or may not be true. But what's known is that the game is in fact delayed until May 31st. Some copies have already been sold by retailers such as Circuit City. If anyone out there has snagged an early copy and can show me some proof (screenshots) of the claimed "partial nudity" there will be a piece of swag to the first one to provide it.

Hot Spartan: Halo 2 Vista Contains Sins Of The Flesh [via kotaku]