Rumor - Parental Timer update coming to the Xbox 360 next month

I'm no parent, and I'd like to keep it that way for a good while. However, I can sympathize with parents that want to limit their children's ability to play games. Sure, I think all kids should be able to play video games, but I also understand the importance of setting time limits. That's why this rumored update for the 360 will no doubt make many parents very happy.

Supposedly in December the Xbox 360 will be updated with a new feature called Family Timer. As you might guess, it can be used to limit a child's ability to play the console in daily and weekly increments. You'll need to have Xbox Live in order to use this function, though we don't know if this will be for Gold members only.

One thing that I'm curious to see is how many parents will actually be aware of the new feature when (if) it becomes available. I don't see kids rushing to tell their parents when they see this update come down the line.

Rumor: Xbox 360 parental timer coming in December [via joystiq]