Rumor: Nokia N94i running Windows Mobile that looks like XP

First of all, why would Nokia put anything other than their Series 60 OS on a smartphone? Furthermore, why would a device with a touchscreen need a stylus too?

Well apparently there is such a device one such Nokia N94i for sale on some Thai version of Ebay. Not only does it have those features, but it also has a 2MP camera and a MP3 player built in.

Really there are only two things that make this phone stand out as a fake, the first is the OS, sure Nokia is all buddy buddy with Microsoft, but I doubt they are close enough for an OS change on Nokia phones. The second is the fact that Nokia said at its last event that there would be no more touchscreen devices this year. So I guess we'll just have to wait and see if we get any updates from the soon to be new owner of this device.

Nokia N94i running Windows Mobile? Our fakeometer just exploded... [via techdigest]