Rumor - New Star Wars MMO Won't Be Developed By BioWare

Way back in October we heard a juicy rumor that BioWare was working on a Star Wars MMO. This was some kick-ass news considering what an awesome job they did with KotOR. Unfortunately that rumor has been confounded by another rumor. Well, kind of.

The latest rumor is that there is a Star Wars MMO coming in 2009, however, neither BioWare nor SOE is working on it. I guess that BioWare could be making another one, set to debut in 2009, but that sounds really far-fetched. The non-BioWare MMO is supposedly set to debut at the same time as the live-action Star Wars TV series.

I certainly hope that the rumor is at least true in one respect: SOE is not involved. I played Star Wars Galaxies back in the day, (pre-WoW days) and it was the best MMO I'd played. Then one day SOE got the grand idea to completely change the game to make it easier for the more casual gamers. This of course completely ruined the game. Needless to say, I haven't logged back on in a long time.

[via Joystiq]