Rumor: new Mac Mini coming in October

Apple's Mac Mini may be seeing an update this fall, according to sources. An expected October event, at which Apple is believed to introduce new Mac hardware an iPads, may end up rolling in a new Mini as well. The little Mac device some have written off may be coming back in a big way.

The current Mac Mini is a relic of 2012, and has received no real attention since then. A previous Boot Camp support page made mention of a new Mac Mini in mid-2014, but that was likely an error.

Sources, speaking to Mac Rumors, now say the Fall event will bring us a new Mac Mini. the Apple-centric site notes that an update would be best suited with an Intel Broadwell chipset, which aren't yet available. It's possible Apple would announce the Mac Mini in October, with in-store release sometime next year — if the chipset isn't yet ready.

Apple could also reduce the price of the Mac Mini to accommodate for the lack of a cutting-edge chipset. They made similar price cuts on slight refreshes this year to the Macbook lineup, so that's not out of the question.

We will keep in mind that this event we're supposed to get a new Mac Mini at has yet to be announced. Until then, we're left to wonder what may come of the Mac Mini.

Source: Mac Rumors