Rumor – New black & red DS Lites showing up with low-quality screens

Chris Scott Barr - Aug 27, 2007

Did any of you pick up one of those nice new black and red Nintendo DS Lites that just came out? If so, how’s your screen looking? Apparently there have been reports of these new handhelds sporting screens that aren’t exactly up to snuff.

The picture above was taken by someone that just got one of the new DS Lites and compared it with their older black DS. While the actual brightness of the screen doesn’t seem to be affected much, the viewing angle is obviously poor. That shot is almost straight-on and it looks very dim.

Other users have reported screens with a yellowed look to them upon inspection. Even when taking units back for replacement they’re usually met with the same issue. Has anyone else experienced these issues?

New DS Screens Not As Good As Old DS Screens?
[via kotaku]

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