Rumor: Motorola Working on Jesus-Phone Replacement?

James Allan Brady - Aug 30, 2007

So apparently Motorola is working on a new device whose features are nearly unbelievable. However, not so unbelievable as its apparently making its way into final production.

So here is why it is unbelievable: 640×480 VGA (maybe touchscreen), 3G, GPS, Bluetooth 2.0, 5MP camera with Xenon flash from Kodak, FM radio, 3.5mm audio out, and support for just about every single audio and video codec. Oh yeah, and I almost forgot to mention that its supposed to be Linux-based.

With that long hardware list it’s a slider on top of that, which could mean a crouching num pad, hidden QWERTY keyboard. It being Linux based means the possibilities, software, and depending on available connecting interfaces, hardware is nearly endless. Sadly there isn’t any other info such as release date or price available, hopefully soon and fair though.

One of Motorola’s most secret projects… [via boygeniusreport]

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