Rumor: Microsoft looking to bring you OTA music purchases

Musiwave, a French company that offers AYCE (all you can eat) music services to cellular providers in Europe, might get purchased by Microsoft. If that were to happen, we might see that technology spread to Windows Live, WinMo, and maybe even the Zune.

God knows how long we've been waiting to see such a service available on the Windows Mobile platform, so that would be a blessing of its own. Then to see it spread to the Zune allowing you to connect to your favorite hotspot and download the tunes you just heard on the radio that would be awesome.

Something like this could net MS some serious ground over their fruity competitors in Cupertino. Of course this is all mostly hearsay, but it sounds plausible, and I personally would love it.

Microsoft mulling direct-to-Zune downloads? [via CrunchGear]