Rumor - iPhoneSIMFree is bought out, delayed

Remember that cool software unlock for the iPhone that was promised a little while back? Well apparently they still haven't made good on their promise. It has supposedly got nothing to do with their unlock being incomplete, rather it has to do with money. (Doesn't everything?)

According to an email that was sent out to people who purchased the software to unlock their iPhones, iPhoneSIMFree has been acquired by another unnamed company. This of course has delayed shipment of their product. If I were this mystery company, I'd be doing everything in my power to get this shipped ASAP. Every day this is delayed you lose more customers. Not to mention the fact that people might start to think it's some sort of scam. Here's a copy of the email that was sent out.

Date: Fri, 7 Sep 2007 14:15:38 +0200

From: iPhoneSimFree Sales <*deleted*>

Reply-To: iPhoneSimFree Sales <*deleted*>

Message-ID: <>

To: *deleted*

Subject: again sorry about the confusion!

Hello ,as our operation grew quite big, we were bought by a larger company here in our

country. This is why some proforma were cancelled, and we have switched to our

new billing. Again sorry about the confusion.

Best regards,

Rumor: iPhoneSIMFree has been purchased by another company [via MYiTablet]