iPhoneSimFree – Unlocking your iPhone in 48 hours…Really?

James Allan Brady - Aug 22, 2007

Once again a service has popped up offering a software unlock for iPhones. The new addition is that this one may be legit, or it at least sounds sincere. The unlocking service comes from iphonesimfree.com.

They are offering up 3 free unlockings to the top three press to apply for one via their contact page. The unlocking is to come within 48 hours.

Their site states that at first they wont be selling individual licenses, only in groups of 500, but they are working on individual licenses. No word on how much this will cost an individual, but if it actually works, I don’t think cost is an issue to anyone who paid $600 and bought into a 2 year contract for a phone.

iPhone software unlock promised within 48 hours [via engadgetmobile]

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