Rumor: iPhone 4 may have touch sensitive case like Magic Mouse

Apple rumors are a dime a dozen and are always centering on the next big thing to come from the company. Many of the more recent rumors are centering on a new 4th generation iPhone and the long rumored Apple tablet.

A new iPhone rumor has surfaced that has the next generation iPhone having a case that is touch sensitive like the Magic Mouse. I admit that might be pretty darn cool if it is true. However, I am taking this rumor with a big grain of salt.

The rumor originated from Robert Chen, an analyst at Goldman Sachs. The guy reportedly claims that the new iPhone will launch in June. The new iPhone is also said to have a 5MP camera. I hope it gets an LED flash too. None of the predictions from the analyst are surprising except that touch sensitive case. I guess you could use something like that to navigate without getting your fingers on the screen.