Rumor - Intel to ship new 45nm chip in Q4 for $999

The weekend is almost here, it's so close that you can almost feel it. Intel's new 45nm chips may not be that close, but they're a little closer than we thought.

We originally thought that the new chips wouldn't be coming until Q1 of next year, however, sources are saying that we should see them sometime in Q4 this year. The first chip to be released is rumored to be a quad-core Core 2 Extreme.

The new chip is said to be clocked at 3.33GHz, have a 1333MHz FSB and a whopping 12MB of cache. You'll probably need to start saving now, the chip is expected to fetch $999.

Intel prices its first 45nm processor at $999, to hit the market in Q4 [via tgdaily]