Rumor: HTC Omni being used within Google doors

Apparently this device leaked last July within an HTC roadmap, and now its being used within the confounds of Google as one of the first Androids. I haven't even seen Android yet and I'd be willing to wager it looks better on this phone than Windows Mobile 6 would have.

Unwired View is using a Forbes quote to backup the fact that they think the HTC Omni is the same phone they are codenaming "Dream" inside Google, the quote describes a thin phone with a touch screen that flips up to allow for use of a full keyboard. I gotta admit, they have some pretty good evidence for that being the case since most of the features mentioned in the Forbes quote checkout when compared to the same list of features on the Omni.

If that is true, the Omni has apparently gained some new features including time-sensitive touch controls, for example, the longer you hold your finger on the screen the bigger the image gets, easy menu navigation with most of the important icons accessible across the top of the screen, virtual machines so you can open, and run, more than one app at a time. It should also be available exactly around the time Google said to expect the first Android based phone, summer, aka the middle, of next year.

HTC Omni Surfaces At Google A HTC "Dream" With Android OS [via UnwiredView]