Rumor - Guitar Hero: World Tour pricing discovered

I'm sure that by now you've seen that Activision is hoping to reach the Rock Band crowd with their upcoming Guitar Hero: World Tour. They have a few tricks up their sleeve such as dedicated cymbal pads and custom tracks, however, one of the big questions remaining is of the price. Will it be able to compete with Rock Band in terms of retail price?

If the information on the GameStop website is to be believed, you'll need to shell out a few extra bucks for those fancy drums and extra features.$20 to be exact. The full bundle will set you back $189.99 on the PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii while the PS2 version will only run you $179.99. The standalone game will be $59.99 and a "guitar kit" is said to set you back $99.99.

I doubt that the $20 price difference is really going to sway people to choose one way or the other. I think the real issue here is going to be that many people that already own Rock Band aren't going to want to drop another $200 for a game with a similar concept.

[via Joystiq]