Rumor - Google to announce phone plans in two weeks

Rumors about a potential Google Phone have been floating around the net for as long as I can remember. Or at least for several months now. The rumor mill has placed Google in talks with a number of different carriers and manufacturers over the course of the year, all without any solid confirmations from Google. However, if the Wall Street Journal's hunch is correct, Google will put an end to all the speculation in just two more weeks.

We're still not any closer to knowing exaclty what Google has up their sleeves than we were six months ago. Sure, we know that they're focusing on making information more easily available to mobile customers, but that could mean anything from a mobile phone to better mobile apps.

Personally, I'd love to see an actual Google Phone, one made by the likes of HTC or perhaps Pantech (gotta love my Ocean). The OS would be completely open-sourced, which would be a major blow to the iPhone, and it wouldn't be locked down to a single carrier. I really hope that WSJ is correct, as I'd like to put the speculation behind us and get some real facts for once.

Can Google-Powered Phones Connect With Carriers? [via WSJ]