Rumor: Google Phone Coming In Two Weeks?

Apparently there are some people in India with loose lips. Sources that are said to be connected to Google's press release efforts are saying the release could be as little as 2 weeks away and the phone could be released in as little as a month in both Europe and the US.

There are also talks of possible Indian carriers including Bharat Sanchar Nigam, Bharti Airtel, and Vodafone Essar. The talks among carriers in India are less important and less certain than the devices release.

The entire hubbub about the amazing gPhone started at the beginning of this year when rumors ran rampant of a Google device by the end of the year. Things got all hush hush for a season and then summer hit just as hard as the rumor of HTC producing the handset.

It's all very believable with Google's moves in the FCC market. Oh and then there is the fact that they still have yet to deny the device or their intentions of ad-supported service, it makes me so angry that they won't confirm or deny, damned campers.

Google phone just two weeks away? [via MacNN]