Rumor - First DLC for Guitar Hero III leaked

Guitar Hero III has been out for just over a week now, and likely you've beaten all of the songs. I take that back, you've likely beaten all but one of the songs. If you're lucky you've gotten 2-3% on Through the Fire and Flames. Don't lie to me, that song is close to impossible to beat on expert. Anywho, thanks to some funny Xbox Live scores, we may know the first DLC songs that will be released soon.

The songs were discovered by someone looking through the leaderboards for DLC songs that were included with the official GHIII soundtrack. They discovered 9 songs that shouldn't' have been there. Those songs are as follows:

Foo Fighters

* "All My Life"

* "This is a Call"

* "The Pretender"

Velvet Revolver

* "Slither"

* "She Builds Quick Machines"

* "Messages"

Boss Battles

* "Tom Morello Guitar Battle"

* "Slash Guitar Battle"

* "The Devil Went Down to Georgia"

I pray that the boss battles are free. They already paid to license these tracks for the game, and thus we already paid to play them. It's only right that we get to play them for free. I'm still baffled as to why we couldn't play these in the first place. That aside, I'm really stoaked about the other two packs, I can't wait to play All My Life.

Guitar Hero 3 DLC Leaked? [via kotaku]