Rumor – Cowon to release 16GB flash players this year

Chris Scott Barr - Jul 12, 2007, 3:08pm CDT

You may have noticed that flash-based MP3 players are still lurking around the 4GB-8GB capacity. Someone has got to jump in and bump it up to 16GB eventually, and Cowon looks like they might just be the first ones to do it.

According to sources, the manufacturer may be considering upgrading both their D2 and iAudio 7 players to 16GB later this year. With the rate that flash memory is growing, we could potentially see devices like the iPod going strictly to flash in the next year or two.

No release information was given regarding these larger capacity players, only that we will likely see them before the year’s end.

16GB Cowon D2 in works? [via electronista]

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