Rumor claims next iPhone will have a unibody case

Apple rumors never seem to die and while the latest iPhone hasn't been around particularly long, rumors of the next model continue to fly. According to an analyst from Topeka Capital Markets named Brian J. White, the next version of the iPhone will have a single-piece unibody frame similar to the MacBook lineup. White cites sources and details gleaned from a tour of suppliers in China and Taiwan.

White says during his tour, he got the idea that suppliers will begin production of certain components in June for the next iPhone aiming at a fall launch. White also says that he expects the next iPhone to have a larger screen in the area four-inches and support LTE. While the screen and LTE connectivity would be important factors contributing to users upgrading, White expects the design and looks of the next iPhone to be the main reason people upgrade.

The analyst also expects the launch of the next iPhone to be one of the biggest yet saying that it would dwarf previous launches. White is the guy who predicted recently a target price of $1001 on Apple stock. He expects this iPhone to be the factor pushing the stock price to that level.

[via AppleInsider]