Rumor claims 11-inch iPad Pro due next year will rock a mini-LED display

It hasn't been very long since Apple revealed the latest iteration of the iPad Pro, and rumors about the next generation of Apple's popular tablet are already running rampant. One of the most prolific and accurate sources for rumors about Apple products is analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. While he has been inaccurate at times, Kuo has a long history of accuracy when it comes to predicting future Apple products.

This time around, Kuo has a new rumor about the 2022 iPad Pro models. While the 12.9-inch iPad Pro that launched this year uses a mini-LED display, the smaller 11-inch iPad Pro was updated but didn't receive the new screen tech. Kuo's sources in the supply chain have stated that the smaller iPad Pro will come with a mini-LED display just as its larger sibling uses.

In the same investor note, Kuo also wrote that a new MacBook Air using a mini-LED display would launch in 2022. Apple's first use of a mini-LED display came in April with the 12.9-inch iPad Pro. Other rumors have been swirling about updates for the iPad line that could be seen next year.

One of those rumors suggests Apple might ditch the aluminum back used on iPad Pro models and go with glass. While glass is certainly more fragile and likely to crack if dropped, eliminating the more robust aluminum in favor of glass would allow wireless charging. All current iPhone models support wireless charging, which is much more convenient than having to fiddle with wires when you need to power up.

Another interesting rumor suggests that Apple is considering making iPads with screens larger than 12.9-inches. For many, the iPad Pro blurs the line between a laptop and a tablet. Larger screen sizes could help woo some laptop users over to the iPad Pro line.