Rumor - Blu-ray titles affected by disk rot

According to some members over at the AVS forums there may be an issue of disk rot with certain Blu-ray disks.

The titles that that have been reported with the disk rot issue are The Departed, The Prestige and Stranger Than Fiction.  The disk rot is easily visible as tiny specks on the disk. You can clean and wipe the disk, but the spots will remain. The disks affected by rot are unable to play at all.

We have not confirmed this issue, however, if this were to be true it could be a major blow to the format. Yes, this may be an isolated issue, but people tend to blow things out of proportion, so even though only a few disks may actually be affected some people may become reluctant to purchase Blu-ray disks. Could this spell doom for the Blu-ray format?

There is still some speculation as to whether or not this issue is legit, so if any of you guys have any of these titles on Blu-ray, drop us a line and let us know how your disk is doing.

Blu-ray disc rot on a few titles! [via avsforums]