Rumor - BioWare is working on a Star Wars MMO set in the KotOR era

I'm something of a WoW addict these days, but my first MMO was Star Wars Galaxies. I played back when the game didn't suck. Of course SOE decided to take the game in a new direction, and completely destroyed the game as we knew it. Sure, it's not bad now, but it's a completely different game, and I have no desire to reactivate my account. However, there is hope for a good Star Wars MMO in the future.

Rumors peg BioWare as working on a new MMO set in the Star Wars universe in the same time period as the Knights of the Old Republic games. If there's one thing that can steal me away from WoW, it's a new Star Wars MMO.

Ironically, Penny Arcade saw this one coming a mile away. They made this comic back in February of '06. I dug it up out of their archive just for your enjoyment.

BioWare's Upcoming MMO Based in KOTOR Universe [via primotech]