Rumor: Apple TV will come in three screen sizes by end of 2012

The rumors have been going around for a while now that Apple was working on a new TV that is an actual TV, not the Apple TV set top box we are familiar with. A new rumor is making the rounds today that comes from supposed sources in the major Japanese firm that is involved in making the TV. According to these sources, the Apple TV will come in three screen sizes.

The screen sizes are said to include a 32-inch and 55-inch versions. The third size is a mystery; perhaps a smaller 24-inch screen would make sense. The Japanese sources claim that the Apple TVs will go head to head with the new generation of smart TVs that are coming from Samsung and LG. The sources are also claiming that the new Apple TVs will have Siri integration.

The sets will use all new software and respond to voice commands via Siri. Siri is said to be integrated into the TV itself, but the sources also claim that Siri will be able to control the TV via the. The sets are supposed to land in late 2012 and be there in time for the holiday season. Analyst Gene Munster has said that the sets will be called iTV. The only catch is that an iTV brand already operates in the UK.

[via Smarthouse]