Rumor – Amazon lists Rock Band Collection for $199

Chris Scott Barr - Jul 23, 2007

I really wish that Harmonix would settle on a price for Rock Band and make an official announcement. This would put an end to all of the speculation over pricing that we’ve seen lately. Amazon added Rock Band to their store, along with their own price tag.

For $199.99 you would get the entire Rock Band collection, that’s the drums, guitar, mic and the game. I really think that’s a reasonable price for the whole set. Personally, I’ll probably just pick up the drums and the game, as I already have my own guitar, and I’m probably tone-deaf.

Rock Band

So if I were to go off of the individual pricing that we saw before, I’d be looking at dropping around $60 for the game and $80 for the drums. So that’s $140 for a new game with one instrument. Maybe I’m better off just buying the whole kit for an extra $60.

rock band instrument bundle price and release date [via technabob]

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