Rumor - 40GB PS3 will have 65nm Cell chip

By now we've all heard about a new 40GB model of the PS3 that will be available very soon. However, the big question is what exactly will be under the hood of the new console. We already know that it won't be playing nice with your old PS2 and (gasp) PSX games. Rumors are now pegging the 40GB PS3 as having something else different under the hood.

The rumors say that the new 40GB PS3 will be shipped with the 65nm Cell chips. Why is that better? Because smaller is better, and also because I said so! Seriously though, it will make the PS3 use less power, plus it will run cooler and quieter. This is awesome because the PS3 is quite noisy and has issues with overheating. Oh wait, that's my Xbox 360.

Anyway, we won't be able to confirm this rumor until the new console ships and some brave soul decides to crack their case and poke around inside it.

Rumor: 40GB PlayStation may have 65nm chip, quieter operation [via opposablethumbs]