Rumor: $149 iPhone coming from Costco

So this sounds a bit unbelievable, but it's interesting nevertheless. Especially, when you consider all of the Black Friday sales coming up. It seems a $149 iPhone might soon be available from Costco.

According to Global Equities Research founder, Trip Chowdhry, you will soon be able to get the iPhone from Costco retailers. We're talking as soon as January! On the surface this seems incredible unlikely. I mean, Costco and the iPhone aren't exactly two things that go together.

But if you take into consideration the current trends happening with the iPhone, this may very well be true. Orange France will sell it for 99 EUR until January, some parts of the UK are offering it for free and Apple might discount it for the holidays. Costco still sounds like a stretch, but we'll wait and see if this one's proven wrong.