Rumor - Xbox 360 Arcade Getting A Price Cut Next Month

Rumors have been kicking around the interweb about a potential price cut for the 360 sometime in September. Specifically, the Arcade SKU would be getting cut down to $199, effectively making it the cheapest of the current-gen consoles. As for proof, here's a pic from an inventory screen that shows the changes.

Is this absolute proof? Nah, it wouldn't be that difficult to fake a screen like this, it would merely take a bit of time. One thing to point out is that the $199 price (shown effective as of September 7) is listed as a promo price, not permanent. So what does this mean? Who knows.

If Microsoft were going to permanently lower the price of the Arcade SKU, doing so in September would really get a jump on the holiday season. With it being half the price of the cheapest PS3 (and the Wii still out of stock many places), parents are going to be more likely to pick up a 360 for their kids than spend double the money or spending weeks searching for a Wii.

[via Xbox360 Fanboy]