Rumble-Pack Vest Lets You Experience First Person Shooters in a Whole New Way

Are you a gamer? Are you a gamer that loves to play First Person Shooters like Halo or Modern Warfare? If you are, then we can imagine that burning desire at the core of your self, that wishes you could play a game like that and experience, in some way, the sensation of being shot. Right? Of course you have. And, thanks to a roboticist from the University of Pennsylvania, you are one step closer. By proxy. Or, living vicariously through him, in any case.

Saurabh Palan, a graduate student, has created a "Tactile Gaming Vest." Basically, the vest contains solenoids, rumble-packs, and Peltier heating elements. What's all that make? It makes a vest that, if you get shot from a weapon in an FPS, you get hit in the chest with one of those rumble-packs. The heating elements are actually in there to make it seem like you got hit with a laser. Running in between exposions? The rumble-packs can simulate that, too.

Truth be told, this sounds like a great way to get immersed in the game, even more so than you might have already been. We are wondering how this would work with a 3D TV, and a true 3D FPS experience going at full steam. This might be the best way to simulate the real thing. Without getting shot for real.

[via MAKE]