Researchers create world's first solar power circuit

Using solar power is nothing new, we have seen several solar chargers and other gear that can use the power of the sun to charge its batteries and operate. A circuit that can actually power itself using sunlight has been developed by researchers and it could change the technology world someday.

Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania created the world's first photovoltaic circuit that could one day be used to power consumer electronics devices and more. The researchers have so far only been able to generate miniscule amounts of power with the circuits. The current power generation capabilities are far from enough to power consumer devices today.

With the current circuits the researchers say that only about 10% of the photovoltaic circuits on a glass slide actually work and increasing the number of working cells would vastly increase the power output. One researcher thinks that eventually the tech will be able to produce one amp with one volt in a piece the diameter of a human hair and only one inch long.