Ruin post-apocalyptic CG short gets Fox green light

It's time for another after-humans full-length movie to hit theaters with its roots coming from that all-powerful soap box and launch point : the Internet. The source of this feature is a short all-CG video called Ruin. This video (also shown in this post) will bring you on a journey through a one-populated human city that's since become overgrown by nature untamed – can't wait for the full show!

It appears that The Hollywood Reporter has a tip on the creator of the special effects short, Wes Ball, speaking with Fox to create a full-length feature film. Ball will co-write the film with T.S. Nowlin. McG (Joseph McGinty) will likely be producing the film with Steve Tzirlin from Lucasfilm.

UPDATE: Ball has now confirmed – "I can now reveal it is set up with the good folks at 20th Century Fox to be developed into a full length feature." Exciting!

The plot in the short centers on a man with a motorcycle attempting to escape a futuristic flying machine not unlike what we've seen in the Terminator film series. This short contains a fabulously real looking set of effects including device-mounted camera perspective, light, dark, and shadow effects, lens effects, fabric physics, and of course some explosions to keep it all very lively. Transparent tablet computers, human hair, and a society covered in leaves included.

Should we see this film follow the storyline we've seen here, we can expect an evil corporation by the name of Haven Nanosystems to be oppressing the remains of the human race in an impressive display of action and Mad Mad-like environments and technology.

BONUS: Also check out this WebGL music video experiment that Ball participated in called ROME in which his animations – some taken from the Ruin animations – are used in an interactive landscape. Great stuff!

[via The Verge]